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Money Matters: Household Budget workbook

Do you have a plan for your finances?

Do you track your income and ensure that when it comes in you know what you want to spend it on?

This workbook is a step by step guide to help you work with your partner to understand your income and spending, and set up a plan.

  • investigate new sources of income
  • understand what's important to each of you to align with your spending
  • review what you are spending in small doses so it isn't overwhelming
  • come up with a banking plan
  • have good conversations about money and how it's going to work with your family

This workbook was set up for you to better understand yourself and your partner and find out how you can build a family budget that works for you.

It's proven methods can help reduce frustration when one partner spends more than the other.  It can help you plan for the bigger costs in life, such as holidays and events, cars or houses.

It will help you see what's important to focus on, and what's easily deleted from your spending so that you can enjoy more of your money with the things you love.

When you order, watch your emails for the workbook to be downloaded, then I recommend printing it out so that you can work through the workbook together, or saving it as a digital file and using your tech (digital pen?) to write on it and keep your workings all in the same place.

Set aside a block of time each week (it can be as small as 10 minutes per session) to run through it and set up a plan for your finances. 


Note - you can purchase this workbook on it's own, or purchase both workbooks for $75 (COMING SOON)