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Finally, there's a safe space to chat about money and improve your  household budgeting skills 

Feeling like you have no-one to talk to about your finances? Come and ask "silly" questions in a place with no fear and judgement

The Money Matters Coffee Club meets every week for 8 weeks to chat about money and finances (without probing into your personal situation) and come up with practical ways to increase your income and decrease your expenses that we can work through as a group, with checklists, scripts and other resources to help make it easy for you.

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Want more information? 

Do you want to make a serious change to your household finances but not sure where to start? 

Who is it for?

Ladies who love joining in an online community

Come and be wowed with the ease and simplicity that managing your finances can have, by learning practical skills, and taking action each week and be celebrated for your results.

How does it work?

30 min Online calls x 8 weeks

Grab a cuppa (or other drink of your choice) and jump online to chat with us about money.  There will be a 10 minute topic introduction, then at least 20 minutes of chatting with your friends (new or existing) about how we can all work on the action item of the week, including sharing your experiences, hearing other people's stories and getting the confidence to act on the topic straight away.

What topics are covered?

Practical Examples you can do straight away

Topics include:
- Why you should have your own play money
- How you can create a household budget without a spreadsheet
- Review key spending areas to make sure thy fit with how you want to spend your money
 - set a focus for your money for more intentional spending

What wins will I get?

Each week comes with a new Quick Win

For less than 1 hour per week you will get your key action point to improve your household budget:

- calling the bank for an interest rate review (with a script to follow)
- 10 ways to find more income (without working more hours)
- use an insurance cheat sheet to compare the best insurance deals
- stop up one key area in your household where money is going down the drain

Then report back in the online group on how you went, so that you can be celebrated, as well as celebrate the wins of others.

What this is NOT....

This is NOT about cutting out your favourite things and more about doing what you love 

There are things that you have to pay, and things you want to buy.  These sessions will help you to reduce your spending on the "have-to's" and enable you to spend more on the things you love.
More coffee and cake, anyone?

Previous clients have said...

"We have been closer, had more fun, and been more open with one another about a host of things"

Since we had the discussion about setting funds aside for the future. So thank you. Thank you for opening up that communication.

- Kari


"Jodi is the bomb at cutting through to what's important"

and practical steps are laid out for you and your partner, no matter what situation you are in.


- Amanda

"It's OK to ask for help and guidance and you don't need to be scared to talk about money"

We now have a better understanding of where our money is going.  From this we have been able to come up with a future plan.

- Steph & Andrew

Hi!  I'm so happy to meet you

I'm Jodi Porteous and I love a good cuppa & cake too!


I have been in control of our household finances for over 20 years, and started teaching Budgeting for Families in 2017. 

We were making lots of money as a double income family, however there were times when we were struggling, and I didn't know how to explain to my hubby that we didn't have enough money to buy that new fishing rod.

In 2018, when I read the Barefoot Investor, and started using different bank accounts to separate our money, it all started to fall into place.  

I have since studied and become certified as a Profit First Professional, which also has the same separate bank account philosophies.  However there's so much more to managing your finances than just a few bank accounts.  

My mission is to show you how you can optimise your finances to support your family to be more intentional with your money.  I want to give you the skills to manage your household finances and be able to talk to your partner about how you can work together to set up a long term plan for your family, even if right now it feels unachievable.

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