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You are in the right place to start working on how to manage your money, and set up an easy Intentional Money Plan for your Household Budget and create a Safe Financial Future.

Optimise my finances NOW!

Hi!  I'm Jodi Porteous

I'm here to show you how to Optimise Your Finances.

With your household finances, I can show you how to reduce costs without giving up the things you love, find ways to increase income without working harder, and design a life you have only dreamed about.

You don't have to use spreadsheets, or spend hours pouring over past transactions, you can start today to set up a plan that works for you and your family.

Once your household finances are set up, then it's time to set up your Financial Future, by understanding the bigger picture of your household finances with what you own and what you owe, getting a plan to smash down your debts, and then creating your ideal retirement plan to work towards for the rest of your working life.

If you are ready to start setting up your finances, this is the first step.  Watch the webinar to see the process of how we work together to set up a plan for your Household Finances.

 Free 1 hour webinar:


Find out the 5 steps we run through to create your household finances spending plan, with bonus tips on how to discuss with your partner.

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Money Matters Coffee Club is a great way to connect with others, and take small steps each week for big results.

Want to start making an effort and spending some time on optimising your finances, but not sure where to start?
This 8 week program for busy mums steps through what to look at, in the right order, to increase the amount of money you have available in your household budget, to work towards the most important thing you want to focus on.

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The Money Matters VIP Program helps couples connect to manage the household finances together to reduce the burden of one person being in charge and being scared to make the wrong decision for their family. It helps to create a plan for the future that doesn't compromise your current lifestyle, while avoiding complex spreadsheets and calculations.

Money Matters participants said:

‘ We had a lot of surprise moments where we couldn’t believe how much money we were wasting on “stuff” and were especially horrified at our very large grocery and takeaway spending. '

Claire S.

Catherine R.
Wife & mum of 2

' My husband stressed about money and I spent it.   We can now have a conversation about money without arguing.'

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