Hi!  I'm Jodi Porteous and I am here to help you optimise your finances.

At Intentional Money Management we help couples come together and create a joint plan for their finances so that you can design a life you love to live.

I can show you how to increase income without working harder, reduce costs without giving up the things you love and set up a plan that works for you and your family, that's easy to create, tweak and monitor, without hours of complicated spreadsheets.

Hi, I'm Jodi Porteous - Money Mentor at Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd.

 I lived in Karratha for nearly my whole working life - working as an accountant preparing tax returns and helping businesses.  It's been an amazing journey - I have connected with so many people, their families and the community as a whole. 

Being an adviser, I was able to see a lot of the money issues that the town had, from the plentiful times of the booms, to the hard times of redundancies, market crashes and businesses struggling to keep their doors open.

Every time one of my clients had their heart broken by a decision that affected their finances, I could see that it affected their mental health, not only for that person, but their family, extended families and colleagues at work.

I have seen marriage breakdowns, suicides, people having to sell all their assets and start again, and leave town with nothing.  The ripple effect is huge.  No-one should have to deal with this.

I started presenting training sessions on how people could manage their money in 2015.  Since then I have found tools and strategies, learned so much, and have put together courses to inspire active and intentional money management.  I no longer want to see divorce, business closures or house repossessions in any town - not due to bad money decisions, avoidance or lack of understanding, anyway.

If you want to increase your understanding, make better decisions, on be more on the same page as your partner when it comes to money, please reach out.  I love to work with couples and help you open the lines of communication so that you can plan together.

I have a life set up that revolves around travel, so please reach out if you want to meet me online or in person.  I love presenting and teaching on the subjects of how to create your Intentional Money Plan, and how you can teach your kids money at any age.

I still am an owner of Northwest Accountancy Pty Ltd, where my role is teaching and supporting businesses to create a successful business that works for their family.

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Couples Money Mentoring


Couples Money Mentoring is a program you can join with your partner to guide you to set up a budget that suits your income level and what you really want for your life.  Gain an understanding of your household finances and get it under control, focusing on what is important to you.

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Business Focussed Money Management

Through Northwest Accountancy you can learn Money Management skills and systems, by implementing Profit First methodology into your business.  Learn skills and receive resources to help you create consistent cashflows and build a strong foundation for your business.

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Presentations and Workshops

Attend a workshop or presentation to gain more understanding about managing your finances.  Personal or business focussed presentations, depending on your audience.


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Money Matters Coffee Club


Join us in our group sessions, to set up your household finances, in a relaxed environment.  Each week of the  week program, there's 30 minute calls that help you step through the process to increase your income, prioritise your costs, and set up a structure that works for you and your family.

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