$497.00 AUD

Money Matters Coffee Club Term 3 2024

Come in and join us for a coffee where you get to chat about how you can manage your household finances, with practical solutions to everyday challenges.

What you'll get:

  • 8 weeks of 30 minute commitments to showing up to the online meetings
  • Access to the closed community (not on facebook) to be supported online in between meetings and track your progress with other members of the Coffee Club
  • Inspiration to take action on your finances with small suggestions each week
  • a chance to hang out with your friends (new or old) to chat about finances, in a safe space, moderated by Jodi Porteous - Optimising your Finances
  • Share the mental load of having to do it all, and let us support you through simple steps to increase income, reduce costs and set up a plan to start living your dream life
  • Connect, Laugh, Learn and have real conversations that you can take back to your partner and get them on the same page too.
  • The Tools, Resources and Information that you cannot unlearn, to create an Intentional Money Plan for your family.

Schedule for weekly calls:

10am Wednesday mornings (WA time +8) for 30 minutes

Meetup 1 - 24th July - Setting a focus for your money

Meetup 2 - 31st July - How to get more income (without working more hours)

Meetup 3 - 7th August - Group your spending to make it easier to budget (no spreadsheets!)

Meetup 4 - 14th August - See your Spending - review your fixed costs & see if there's a better deal

Meetup 5 - 21st August - Focus on the positives of budgeting

Meetup 6 - 28th August - Bubble accounts - basic overview of how you can set up bank accounts

Meetup 7 - 4th September - Why is it important to have your own Play money?

Meetup 8 - 11th September - Refining your bubble accounts so you can explain to your partner - the creation of your intentional money plan

What others have achieved in this program:

  • Savings of over $800 for one year in Health Insurance in less than 15 minutes 
  • Over $2,000 per year interest savings on an investment loan on a 2 minute application form
  • 20% discount on Shire rates from a 5 minute phone call
  • Went to Perth for a holiday and for the first time did not drive home with a car full of stuff !
  • Found $430 in a bank account that wasn't being used
  • Made hundreds of dollars at a car boot sale
  • Sorted access for an overseas account and recovered $600
  • Used family sharing of Qantas points to get cheap flights

What are you going to achieve?


What's included?

- 30 minutes on a video call each week, with replays available

- chance to ask questions in the calls and in between

- access in the Kajabi Community App, so you can join the calls from your phone or your computer

- weekly challenges to keep you on track & to help us celebrate with you


I'm Jodi Porteous and I'm here to show YOU how to optimise your finances.  I'd love to have you in the program, to fine tune what you already have set up, and create an Intentional Plan for your money.


What People Are Saying:

The weekly calls give you a sense of a shared mission. Working on your finances can be daunting and lonely, having a support crew and people to bounce ideas off is empowering.