Are you the provider of the family? What If You get stuck?

job what if? Mar 21, 2022

Traditionally, males have been the providers. They provide for the family, and predominantly they are the main breadwinners of the family.

However this then puts them into a cycle where they must work for their family. They must make an income, and they must do everything they can to provide for their family.

It often gets them stuck. Stuck in a job they don’t love. Stuck trying to get the next promotion and the next pay rise so that they can get more money.

Which means they sometimes work more hours and see less of their family - the whole reason why they work in the first place.

The stuck-ness then leads to mental health issues, because there’s a lack of control about what happens at work - and a have to go to work to provide for my family.

They can’t think of a new job or a new career, because this will lead to less pay than what they are on now, and the family won’t survive if that is the case.

However this isn’t true.

You can survive on less. Lots of people survive on less. And if you make a change to help your mental health, change career and do something you love, then the less money may only be for the short term.

What can you do to prepare?

Well, instead of feeling stuck, make a plan.

Make a plan to reduce the amount of income you are living on now, so that you can save some of those funds. Research what type of income you will have if you change jobs, or go back to a training level. Work out what costs you can do without for a few months, and try it out. There may be some sacrifices for a few months, as you adjust to what you are doing. It may be a big adventure that works for you. Or it might be really stressful…but only you can figure it out.

If you can save some extra cash to create a buffer that will help to pay the bills for a while as you are establishing the income again, would that be helpful?

Yes, you provide an income for your family, but if you are not mentally healthy, engaged with the family, contributing to your household in other ways that is not just money, is that the life you really want to live?

If you or your partner are feeling stuck in a useless job, is it worth investigating what your options are? And doing a trial to see if it would work?

Because happy families stress less. They communicate better, live longer, and are better together.

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