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goal setting Sep 02, 2022
Quote: If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made up of

I recently did an exercise about Bucket Lists.  Most people know about a bucket list - it's what you make a list of, and then work towards doing them all.  The structure of creating a bucket list was a little different to what I have experienced in the past - where most of it was places to travel.

This bucket list had a special Framework "My Bucket List" and I think that it works wonderfully.

Meet a personal hero
Your proud achievements
Buy that something special
Ultimate challenges
Conquer a fear
Kind Acts for others
Express yourself creatively
Take lessons & learn something new
Leave a legacy
Idiotic stuff
Satisfy a curiosity
Travel adventures

After being exposed to this thinking, we were then asked to jot down all of the things that we had already ticked off our bucket list.  My list felt huge and then over the next few days I added more and more to it.

Here's a sample of mine:

M- Layne Beachley

Y - Announcing winners at KDCCI Business Excellence awards nights

B - Pandora charms on holidays to represent where I have been

U - Abseiling (I won't say I liked it though!)

C -walking across swinging bridges in Nepal

K - % of income to charities each month

E - Painting on a water tank in Wongan Hills when in high school

T - Coaching

L - Teaching money management

I - an overnight trip with a heap of people I didn't really know in the first week of uni

S- drive the Nullabour (well part of it anyway)

T - Nepal, USA, The Kimberleys, The Pilbara, Boxing Day Test match at MCG...


After writing all of those, plus many more, I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and humbleness.  I thought that living in Karratha, a remote town in the northwest of Western Australia, I was a "poor country girl" with a pretty sheltered life.  It turns out that although I am not exposed to a lot of bad things that happen, I am definitely well travelled and living my life in a well-rounded way.  

My challenge to you, if you are reading this, it to give this exercise a go yourself.


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