Do you have hidden money anywhere? 5 tips to find more money.

income Jan 21, 2022

Here's some tips for finding more money - it might be hiding from you, but easy to access!

1. Look for gift cards or vouchers to use.  Most gift cards can be used on a range of things, from everyday expenses to something to treat yourself with.  Did you get a voucher for a massage?  Book it in!

2. Clean out your wallet - who knows what's hiding in that sea of receipts?  Do you have a "just in case" spot that you have already hidden $50 in?

3. Look for unclaimed money here:  There are links to each state's government departments too, as well as superannuation.  How much money is owing to you?

4. Do you have any unscratched scratchies, or unchecked lotto tickets?  Often we get these for gifts, and put them aside for later, scratched or unscratched.  Cash in your winnings to boost your cash - even if it is $2.

5. Review your automatic subscriptions and direct payments from your account and cancel any unneeded payments.  Get rid of that TV subscription you don't watch often, and have more money and more time (as you scroll through one less streaming site)


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