Is being financially responsible boring?

budgets less waste Apr 04, 2022

Do you think that being financially responsible will turn you into a boring person? One that can’t have fun because you are on a budget, or will stop doing the things you love because they cost too much?

Well…. Let me tell you!

Being financially responsible means you can have exactly what you want - all that fun, the good meals, going out. It just means you are doing it intentionally, and not wasting the bits of money on other stuff that’s blah or that is not right for you… such as paying too much insurance by paying Lazy Tax (Barefoot Investor calls this amount where you haven’t even bothered to ask for a better deal and just pay the new premium - which has gone up again).

Being financially responsible means that you can have fun - and probably more than before.

Being financially responsible means that you have control over where your money goes, and you are spending it on what you want to focus on.

Yes, there’s some work to do to become financially responsible, but once you have set up a system, it’s easier (and quicker) to review on a regular basis.

Being financially responsible does not mean complicated spreadsheets, or delving too much into a detailed analysis of your finances. Close enough is good enough - especially with the cost of living fluctuating. It means that you know what you want to spend your money on and how to make that happen.

It means making sure that your super money goes into your super fund and calling out your employer if it doesn’t?

It means setting up buffers so that you aren’t stressed out when shit hits the fan, or fuel prices go up by 20%.

It means understanding where your money goes, so you can make decisions about whether it is a priority or not to spend there - and then taking action to cancel a payment that you no longer want to pay.

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