Money Matters Program Agreement

1. Introduction

It is very important that you read this document carefully before you agree to it.

By agreeing to this Membership Agreement, you are entering into a legally binding contract, so please consider carefully whether this Agreement is right for you and contact us before you sign if you have any concerns.

If anything in this Membership Agreement is unclear, please seek independent advice to ensure you fully understand your rights and obligations. We encourage you to negotiate any clause of this Agreement which feels unfair to you.

It is our aim to give you the skills you need to manage your money more intentionally. However, we recognise that from time to time there may be reason for some dissatisfaction. We welcome constructive feedback as an opportunity to review and improve our practices. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to discuss any issues that arise.

People who manage their own money now, or want to start managing their own money are the ideal client for the Money Matters membership. 

Important Dates

  • This is an ongoing monthly membership program with no set start or finish dates.
  • If you have purchased an annual subscription, your membership finishes / automatically renews on the annual anniversary of your initial signup. Annual subscriptions are offered on a limited basis.

The Parties

This Membership Agreement is between:

Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd

ABN: 47650768648

Address: PO Box 771, Victoria Park WA 6797

Email for Correspondence: [email protected]

Director: Jodi Porteous

Presenter: Jodi Porteous


You, the “Member”.

Member Details are set out in the purchase / checkout screen on the website:

By accepting this offer, you personally agree to become a member of the Money Matters and to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

2.  Definitions and Interpretation


The following words have these meanings in this Membership Agreement:

Facebook Group means the Intentional Money Management by Jodi Porteous. This is a private group available to the public, and is not exclusive to the membership. Posts made in the group cannot be seen or shared with anyone outside the group;

GST means goods and services tax or similar value added tax levied or imposed in Australia pursuant to the GST Act or otherwise on a supply;

GST Act means a New Tax System (Goods and Trading Tax) Act 1999 or any amending or replacement legislation;

Intellectual Property Rights means all statutory and other proprietary rights and interests including copyrights and all rights in the nature of copyright, patents, pending patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain names, designs, methods, database rights and all other intellectual property rights;

3. Payment

Payment Terms

  • Payment of the memberships is processed monthly on your signup anniversary.
  • Payment is only taken via Stripe, which is a secure payment system linked to the website.
  • If your payment defaults, the system will try 4 more times over the next 3 weeks. If all of these payments fail, then your membership will cancel.

Withdrawal from Membership

  • You may choose to cancel your membership at any time by clicking on your avatar pic, then clicking on settings. Choose billing Info to cancel.
  • You may cancel at any stage, although we recommend to stay for 2 months to access all of the information provided in the modules and bonus information.
  • There will be no refunds given.
  • If you leave the membership and wish to rejoin, then you will be subject to pay the pricing at the date of the new signup. This may have increased since your previous signup.

4.  The Membership

Membership Content and Structure

  • Money Matters inspires you to take control of your money to build a lifestyle you desire. We teach strategies and provide tools to set goals for what you want, then review your current situation to ensure you can achieve your goals in a time frame that suits you.
  • Topics include:
    1. Income and Banking structures & goal setting
    2. Review your costs
    3. What if – preparing for the worst case scenario
    4. Smash down debts
    5. Review your whole financial situation by reviewing your Balance Sheet
    6. Set up plans for the future
  • Content is available on the website to download and use as your own. You are able to print 2 copies of the workbook to run through the modules each time, for your personal use. 
  • Content is released on a weekly basis, with the expectation of homework to be completed to continue on your journey. There are 6 modules and the bonus section will be available once the final module is marked as complete.
  •  Scheduled Group Catchups (zoom)
  • Zoom calls are available for all members on a fortnightly basis. Dates and times may change each quarter depending on demand and scheduling requirements.  Attending the zoom calls are not mandatory. 
  • Recordings of the zoom call are saved in the membership for a minimum of 6 months.
  • If catchups are to be cancelled, an email will be sent to the membership as soon as known. Where possible, we will try to find a replacement host or a different date as soon as possible.

5.  Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd Responsibilities


  • We take full responsibility to deliver the resources, structure and support to guide you to a deter way to manage your money.
  • Your money management journey is yours alone. You will not be judged for using a different structure or strategy or not doing the work (although you may receive reminders). 
  • As we are not financial advisers, we are not allowed to give advice on where you spend or invest your money. If you receive any advice, information or guidance in relation to specific products or providers, then you are required to do your own due diligence and checks to make sure that it is right for you.
  • Where guest presenters are available on group catchups, they are invited to share their opinions and advice, and if you wish to engage with them, it is up to you to make contact and see if the relationship is right before you sign up with them.
    • Insurance
  • Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd has Professional Indemnity Insurance cover.

6.  Member Responsibilities


  • It is your money so you need to take control. We provide structure, workbooks and spreadsheet templates that you can use to make decisions and take control of you money.
  • As we are not financial advisers, we are not allowed to give advice on where you spend or invest your money. If you receive any advice, information or guidance in relation to specific products or providers, then you are required to do your own due diligence and checks to make sure that it is right for you.
  • Any loss you incur in relation to taking advice or perceived advice from Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd or any other members is yours to bear.
  • All stories shared by other members are subject to privacy. If you hear a story from a member, and want to share with others, you are only to refer to the member as “someone I know” or refer to “a story I heard recently”.  This is also true of any stories by the Presenter.
    • Resources
  • You are responsible for accessing the resources available to you in this membership, including internet access to log in and view the videos, download and print the workbook (if required) and download the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Zoom and the Facebook group are additional resources to engage with the Presenter and other members, neither of which are mandatory.
    • Audio-visual Recordings
  • All zoom calls will be recorded and saved in the membership. You ae not allowed to make additional recordings outside of what is provided by the host.
    • Correspondence
  • All important announcements for the Membership will come via email and also show in Announcements in the website login.
    • Non-competition
  • We encourage you to talk about your learnings & watch the videos with your family members, so that you gain the best benefit of everyone being on the same page in relation to your finances.
  • You are restricted from copying this work and providing it as your own.

7.  Relationship of the Parties

  • Nothing contained in this Agreement will constitute or deem Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd or any of its employees or agents to be a partner, employee or agent of the Member or vice versa.

8.  Disclaimer

  • Important Information
  • This membership will provide you with some strategies, tools and resources to assist you to manage your money: planning, making changes and reviewing your results are all your responsibility.
  • You are responsible for your money and the changes you make as a result of your learning is your responsibility. You are asked to reach out for support when things don’t feel right or work in a way that you had thought.
  • There is a possibility that when working through the What If module, members may feel distress from previous experiences or current situations. If this occurs, you may have to contact a service such as Beyond Blue to talk through the issues.
  • While I make every effort that documents I provide are safe and virus free when uploaded, the internet is inherently risky. Please ensure that you have adequate internet security protocols to protect your computer from any viruses downloaded, just in case something happens that I am not aware of.
    • Limitations
  • I am a money management adviser / coach and have provided this information to you based on my life experiences, books I have read, formal accounting and cash management training, and informal training. I have not trained to be a financial adviser, so will not provide advice on products or services that I am not allowed to, such as investments.

9.  Intellectual Property & Privacy


  • The content is created by Jodi Porteous and Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd. It must not be shared published or sold to anyone outside the membership.  You can download and print up to 2 copies of the workbook each time you start re-watching the modules from the start.  The most benefit of the membership comes from using all resources in tandem.
  • Your family are also a part of the membership and can work along in the membership with you.
  • The resources provided are workbook, videos and the spreadsheets as well as any bonus materials. These resources provided can be used by you to work through the membership modules and are best used together.  You may alter the spreadsheet in any way that works for you. The videos can be downloaded for you to watch offline, however all resources provided within the context of the membership is strictly not to be shared outside of the membership. 
  • Please respect my privacy and intellectual property rights by not discussing or disclosing my confidential information that may arise from the videos or shared on the zoom catchups.
  • You are welcome to share any information that I provide publicly, such as my videos, blogs and posts on my Facebook page. However, I retain copyright over this information, and it may only be shared non-commercially and with authorship attributed to me.
    • Your Confidential Information
  • You are welcome to share stories and learning about your situation, but it is not mandatory. For privacy purposes anyone who wants to share your story must keep your identity private.
  • To participate fully in the membership, it is likely that you will also share information that is highly personal or confidential. While it is an essential condition of membership of Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd that members respect and protect each other’s privacy, it is also important that you remember that it is a semi-public forum and tailor the information you choose to disclose accordingly. If you are sharing information that impinges on the privacy of another person outside of the membership, please take care to make sure they cannot be identified.


10.  Dispute Resolution


  • If either of us have any concerns arising out of this agreement or our provision of the services, we agree that we shall communicate with the intention of making a genuine effort to seek a win/win solution and resolve any dispute by negotiation and discussion.
  • If you have a dispute, please email your issue to [email protected] and outline the issues you have, as well as the result you would like to resolve the issue. If discussions are required we will make the attempt to phone or meet via zoom within 5 days of the first email.
  • All information exchanged during this meeting or any subsequent dispute resolution process, shall be regarded as “without prejudice” communications for the purpose of settlement negotiations and shall be treated as confidential by everyone involved and their representatives, unless otherwise required by law. However, evidence that is independently admissible or discoverable shall not be rendered inadmissible or non-discoverable by virtue of its use during the dispute resolution process.
    • Mediation
  • If we are unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation and discussion within 14 days, we agree to proceed to mediation with the assistance of an independent accredited mediator, seeking online dispute resolution or mediation by telephone if we are not both in Western Australia, Australia.]
  • The mediator is to be appointed by agreement between us or, failing agreement within 21 days of the negotiation period ending, the person initiating the dispute will seek the appointment of an independent dispute resolution professional.
  • We agree to share all the costs of mediation equally between us.
  • We agree that neither of us will commence legal action until, in the opinion of the independent mediator, the potential for negotiation and mediation have been exhausted.
    • Non Disparagement
  • Everyone involved in this agreement agrees that they will not publicly or privately disparage any other party or anyone associated with them, and will act in good faith to refrain from any conduct or communication which might reasonably be expected to interfere with any other party’s business or personal interests.
    • Jurisdiction
  • This agreement is subject to the governing law of Western Australia. Regardless of where you live in the world, you irrevocably agree that if the dispute resolution processes fail, the courts of Western Australia, and the Commonwealth of Australia, will have exclusive jurisdiction.]

11.  Limitation of Liability

  • In no event shall Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd be liable to the Member for costs, loss, injury or damage to the Member or the Member’s belongings [that is not directly attributable to the negligence of Intentional Money Management or its employed staff].]
  • You agree that your participation in the Membership, including all group calls, videos, spreadsheet and workbook use , is entirely voluntary. You expressly agree to accept all risk of injury and/or damage that may arise from your participation.
  • You expressly agree that if this clause is unenforceable for any reason, Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd’s total cumulative liability for all causes of action of any kind shall not exceed the amount paid to Intentional Money Management Pty Ltd under clause 3(a)(i).

12.  General Provisions

  • Whole Agreement

This Membership Agreement comprises the whole agreement between the parties concerning the Membership and replaces any prior agreement, arrangement or understanding regarding the Membership.

  • Variation

Any variation to this Membership Agreement must be in writing, and will be notified to all members via the announcements section of the website.

  • Survival of clauses

Clauses 3, 9, 10, 11 and 12 are essential terms of this Membership Agreement and survive the termination of the Agreement for any reason.

  • Severability

If any part of this Membership Agreement is held to be void, illegal or unenforceable, it can be removed without affecting the validity, legality or enforceability of any other part of this Membership Agreement.